Allied Machine & Engineering’s AccuThread T3 now available in larger UN and ISO sizes

Allied Machine & Engineering has introduced new sizes to the AccuThread T3 thread mill line. The line is now available in larger UN and ISO sizes up to 1”-8 and M24x3.0.

Machine coding for the new sizes is included in Insta-Code, Allied Machine’s online thread mill program generator.

The additional sizes create a high-quality thread without the concern of breaking a tool in an expensive workpiece. It is designed to only machine three threads at a time, which reduces tool pressure and dramatically increases the chances of tool survival, according to the company.

The line features left hand cutting, which allows the tool to climb mill while it moves from top to bottom, creating a right-handed thread; 3 cutting teeth cut minimal threads all at once and reduce side deflection; and AM210 multi-layer PVD coating.

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