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EDM Machine

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, or wire  EDM, is a fabrication process using electrical sparks to erode conductive material. Typically, this is done by precision maneuvering of a fine wire through the material to be machined, while a current passed through the wire cuts the material.

Wire EDM can cut materials that are extremely difficult to machine using traditional techniques. Intricate contours can be cut in the hardest of steels, and even carbide, using this method.

CNC Mill

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is the automated control of machining tools by means of a computer, typically without direct manipulation by an operator. A CNC machine processes a workpiece by following a computer program to achieve the desired shape. This process is infinitely repeatable, with extreme precision.

CNC Turret Punch

A CNC turret punch is a computer-controlled machine that uses various dies to cut shapes from (typically) sheet material. Almost any shape can be cut in this fashion. Coupled with Computer Aided Design (CAD) three dimensional forms can be designed, expanded to a flat surface in the computer, and then punched from sheet metal to be folded into the desired 3D shape afterwards. In many cases, turret punching is superior to laser or water cutting processes, producing faster, cleaner, non-oxidized or abraded edges in the cut material.

CNC Brake

A metal brake is a machine used to bend sheet metals to desired angles (up to about 120 degrees) for production of metal products.

When using a CNC brake, various factors involved in the operation of the brake are controlled by computer, greatly increasing the repeatability of the bending operation.