FABTECH PREVIEW: BLM GROUP to demonstrate LS7 Laser Cutter with automated load/unload

In booth #A1338 at FABTECH, BLM GROUP is demonstrating its LS7 laser cutting machine coupled with an automated load/unload system.

The LS7 is available in laser powers up to 12kW can cut a variety of materials in thicknesses from 0.20” to 1.57”, or even double sheets, depending upon material and laser power. It is available in two versions – the 3015 with a maximum sheet size of 121.5” x 62.2” and the 4020, capable of handling sheet sizes up to 162.5″ x 79.5″.

The LS7 offers an axis acceleration of up to 2g to optimize processing cycles and minimize down time. Additionally, pallet changeovers only take nine seconds, making this an extremely productive system.

As shown at FABTECH, automatic sheet loading and unloading is also available for the LS7, which can accommodate one or two storage towers for automated material type and thickness changeovers, making it well-suited for unmanned operations.

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