EtherCAT for intelligent EC drives – Modular drive systems with many functions.

Drives are rarely operate in isolation in industrial automation

In industrial automation, drives rarely operate in isolation. Decentralized drive solutions with integrated electronics, such as those from ebm‑papst, are therefore in great demand. Especially when they are part of our modular drive system – as is now the case with the ECI 63 internal rotor motor. Thanks to their inclusion in the proven modular system, ECI 63 drive solutions can be combined extremely flexibly for specific tasks – including transmission, brake, encoder and electronics.

This means that several thousand plug & play variants are available for your individual requirements in the power range from 150 to 400 watts – all straightforwardly from a single source.

Intelligently networked in a flash:
ECI 63 drive solutions with EtherCAT.

To be able to respond even better to current and future market requirements, we have added a promising option to the networking possibilities within the ECI 63 drive system. In future, they can additionally be accessed via an EtherCAT interface.

This protocol is considered one of the fastest industrial Ethernet technologies ever. With many advantages for decentralized, intelligent drives.
What makes the ECI 63 with EtherCAT so valuable for you:

  • Real-time data transmission
  • Combines Ethernet advantages with the simplicity of conventional fieldbus systems
  • Avoids the complexity of IT technologies
  • Reliable synchronization of multiple axes 

More safety thanks to
“Safe Torque Off” function!

Even safety-oriented applications can be implemented with the network-compatible ECI 63 drive solutions. To do this, use the optional STO (Safe Torque Off) function. In the event of a safety-related fault, the power supply to the motor phases is interrupted immediately, thereby de-energizing the active parts of the motor. An additional plug connection is available for activating the safety function.

This is how much GreenIntelligence is in the ECI 63 drive in the modular drive system:

  • Integrated logic and power electronics
  • Network capability
  • Master/slave functionality
  • Condition monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance

For more information on all technical details, please refer to our brochure “Brushless internal rotor servomotors series ECI”. 


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Every combination – your profit!
With the ebm‑papst online portal individual drive solutions in 48 hours

With the free online portal from ebm‑papst, you can quickly and easily determine the optimum drive solution for your specific challenge and sample it on top of that. Just a few parameters are enough to filter out the most suitable drive solution from our wide range of modules or to configure it yourself.

Choose between different motors, gearboxes, electronics, brakes and encoders. Get all important data and 3D models for each component and check your drive system from all sides thanks to the 360° feature. Selected drive systems from our preferred type program are even ready for shipment within 48h.

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